What’s Wrong With a Lil Romance?

There are certain people who ridicule the fact that I read romance novels. A LOT. So what? I am a hopeless romantic at heart and I do love happy endings. There is nothing wrong in losing oneself in a tangle of dashing handsome heroes who go out of their way to declare their love once they have fallen, and man, do they fall HARD.

I just finished reading this Mills n Boons Novel, Master of Passion By Penny Jordan and loved every bit of it.

My favorite authors include Penny Jordan, Lynne Graham, Sandra Marton and Anne Mather to name a few who are famous for their short novels in the Mills N Boons Series.

Some other novelists who are on top of my list for writing a good romantic novel you can curl up with on a rainy day includes,

  1. Judith McNaught: have read and re-read all her books. There is just no one like her to weave the magic of romance, passion and love like she does.
  2. Julie Garwood: I loved her book Mercy. The hero Theo Buchanan has become one of my most favorite heroes of all time. He just seems to leap out of the book right at you! Ladies, I really recommend this book as a toe curler. ;)
  3. Sandra Brown: her novels are fast paced and sexy as hell, and makes for an interesting read with romance, intrigue, passion and mystery
  4. Nora Roberts: her books have an Irish background to it, and a homeliness about it that is rare in books by other authors. Chesapeake Blue was one of the most recent novels of hers which I read which made for an awesome read!

Who are your favorite romance authors? Or are you one of those who scoff at the mere idea of a romance novel? :)

4 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With a Lil Romance?

  1. I just found your comments about romance novels, Harlequin Mills and Boon, and me on your Oct 2006 blog. Ah well, better late than never.

    Thanks for your kind words and I couldn’t agree more. “Wat’s wrong with a lil romance, indeed???”

    • Wow, one of my fav authors visiting my blog! Yay!!!!!!
      Thank you! And I loved your book Naked in His Arms. One of my favs!

  2. There is nothing wrong with lil romance as long as book have interesting plot and good writing. The problem with romance novels are because some writers (or more their publishers)commercialized their books too much. There are various stories with the same plot, but with different titles. They just change characters names and places and and release books like this something new and fresh. That’s why I prefer series, especially writing by various different writers. Because in series writers can be very original and it’s really hard to follow previous writers and try to continue the story they wrote before.
    I like Nora Roberts. Her stories always original good writing.

    • Yah I think you have got a point there karma1086.
      I too tend to read books in a series, but sometimes they too end up disappointing the reader!

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