Increase in Salary? Nope, not really…

From the moment that the Circular No 2009/16 was published on the CSC website stating the reinstatement of salaries of civil servants effective 1st of January 2010, its the only thing anyone can talk about. I guess like everything else, most Maldivians do not have the proper information at hand to begin with, thus the surprise and glee on most of the faces of civil servants. And the funny thing is, most people mention this in terms of an increase in the salary when in fact what the CSC is doing is bringing back the salary level to its original state from the pay cuts that were enforced in October 2009.

If any of the civil servants had taken half the time to find out what the Civil Service Act which supposedly protects the right of all civil servants as a whole, they would have understood from the moment pay cuts were made that this reinstatement would take place after the three month period as mandated by the Civil Service Act.

Maldivians have the tendency to shoot off their mouths without half knowing what it is they are actually talking about. When the pay cuts were first enforced there was a lot of outrage from the general public which is quite understandable when you take into consideration how the general population especially living in Male’ barely survive on what they earn with the outrageous rents they have to pay for housing. However what I find highly disturbing is the fact that most do not even bother finding the reason why certain policies are brought about and how or what are the reasons why such a policy may have been implemented in the first place. And of course with the current crop of politicians who are divided on the minutest of issues taking things into their hands and spouting off whatever comes to mind, creates a greater rift in a society of ignorant people who do not even want to be enlightened in the first place. Of course partially this blame lies on the shoulders of the Civil Service Commission itself since they haven’t really done enough on making the public aware of what the Civil Service Act is all about.

With the opposition creating the ruckus that the positions of the upper management in the CSC are being held by wimps and are under the mastery of President Nasheed, the happily ignorant crop of civil servants acted as if a red flag had been waved in front of them, which in turn led to bad publicty all around which could could have been prevented in the first place if someone had thought of explaining what the Civil Service Act says regarding such pay cuts which amounts to something in the form of “If the country faces financial problems a pay cut could be imposed after discussions between the government and CSC for a period of three months, upon the end of which pay should be reinstated. If the need to impose pay cuts for a further period of time arises, this can only be done after re-evaluation of the financial situation of the country and further discussions between the CSC and government.” I bet if someone had explained this to the intended or if the intended had had the foresight to read the Act which protects them, the surprise everyone is expressing over the circular today could have been prevented.

Now let’s wait and see whether the government wants to impose pay cuts for a further period of time and whether the situation is deemed dire enough by the CSC to once again impose the same for another period of 3 months which I bet with everything I have no one is going to be ecstatic about with the rising costs of everyday life which has become the norm recently.

~ Depressing Thoughts To Start Off 2010..

Was going through the calendar for the year 2010 and realized that there are no frigging holidays, well holidays worth mentioning for the first 6 months of the year. Damn!! Looking forward to long weekends and the fact that Eid holidays occuring twice a year bring week long holidays are the main reasons I get through the whole year of work, work & more work. But 2010 is just the pits in this regard.

On the month of February we get a lousy one day break in the middle of some godforsaken week and the dry spell goes on till the July 26th which blessedly falls on a Monday. And the most disappointing of all is the fact that Ramazan ends on a Thursday rendering Eid Al Fitr to fall on a Friday. So us poor folks would just get Sunday off meaning a three day weekend. Yay!! So much for the silver lining.

The only month to look forward to is November. The 3rd & 11th of November together with the Eid Al Al-ha holidays falling on this month would be a month which I bet everyone would look forward to since the academic calender also ends within November. I guess everyone should start making travel plans for November since rather than taking off on a 30 day break for your annual leave where most probably you stay at home and mope or watch TV and series till your eyes are red and all cross-eyed from the effort, it is just more fun when everyone gets time off from work at the same time!

So here’s to a depressing start to a new year. Happy new year everyone! xox

Compassionate, Are They?

I have always held the view that nursing is a profession that is held by women and men who are compassionate to a fault with their patients. I have had it up here in my head that they perform one of the most praise worthy duties in life i.e. take care of us when we are at our most vulnerable state.

However, recently when I had to be at the hospital for a couple of days I have realized that the word compassion has to take on a new meaning if it is to be applied to the nurses working at our hospitals. I have always noticed that Indian nurses who work in the Maldives tend to be bitches, well most of them anyway and I have always had the opinion that this must be because we aren’t really of their blood and culture so who are we to receive their compassion and care eh? But then to my ultimate horror I have come to know that most Maldivian nurses aren’t that better off. I was with a patient admitted to the surgical ward, and I guess anyone would realize just how much care patients at such a ward would require without me laying it out for them. I found that people who didn’t have attendants either family or friends to be with them had a really hard time at the ward. With the nurse station just within hearing distance from the beds, nurses tended to ignore those who didn’t have the guts to go up to them and give them a piece of their mind. And to hear the pain that the patients are in just broke my heart bit by bit. No nurse saw it fit to come to the patient and show him a bit of care and compassion that eases our minds when we are sick.

It made me sick to the bone to identify this trait and wondered what had happened to the current generation of nurses that have come out. Are they being bred from a factory where they are automatically wired to just do the bare minimum to earn their paychecks at the end of each month and just leave everything else  be? I have heard my mother talk about nurses who cared for her when she underwent labor to bear each of us, and she always talked about gentle touches on the forehead, quiet words of encouragement etc. which I guess was one of the reasons why my head has been up in the clouds for quite a number of years. To the contrary, one of my colleagues who gave birth around a month back had a different story to report. Nurses were callous to the point of being rude and a time where a woman needs encouragement from her fellow beings, she found it to be something straight out of a badly plotted horror movie which tends to leave your mouth with a bad taste once you have seen it.

Right after the IGMH surgical ward experience, I flew to Bangalore and there I experienced first hand how nurses should really be. They were considerate, kind and caring while effectively giving the care necessary for the patient’s survival even when at times the patient may not really be of the most gracious behavior.

I believe that compassion and care should go hand in hand and urge people of the nursing profession in our country to give compassion a whirl sometime. They might just gain a bit of satisfaction of a job well done and received to go along with the paycheck at the end of the month.

Nw wd u jst luk at tht!

Don’t you just hate it when people start talking ‘lyk dis’? I for one find it really tiresome trying to decipher the meaning of what the person is actually trying to convey in a jumble of words that aren’t actually words. Whether it be an sms, a Facebook wall post or MSN or Facebook status message, it just raises my hackles when I see messages worded in such a manner.

I can imagine for instance if a person is pressed short for time and the only way he can convey an urgent message is to type in as fast as possible and press the Send button. But then just doing it cause its the latest fad is somehow ripping apart the beautiful language that English is.

I guess there are various reasons why people especially the youngsters tend to massacre the English language in this fashion. One reason of course being that everyone else in their peer group does it, so who would want to be left out and be the only one who is good enough in the language to make coherent sense when a sentence is put together eh? And I guess there are others who do it cause they might not have a proper command of the language and the only way English makes sense to them is to slaughter the words into pieces so that no individual who has a thorough grasp of the language would be able to make sense out of a string of nonsense!

I recently found this group on Facebook that has around 211,805 fans approximately, who hate it when people tend to talk, text or email or Facebook in the way discussed. I guess seeing that I am not the only one who gets annoyed when people do not make much of a sense in garbled bunch of words stringed together made me write this post more than anything else!

Ignorance, A Bliss?

During the age of information which we are currently living in, with data relevant to anything and I mean literally anything available at the stroke of a couple of keys on your computer/laptop/mobile device, we are literally swamped with and bombarded with various types of information, sometimes more than what we can process. With the advent of Internet, ignorance has become a thing of the past and practically everyone has become specialized in every field possible on Earth.

Take for example a person who goes to a doctor, after searching for the causes of his symptoms on the Internet. A simple headache could mean anything from just too much stress to a tumor in your brain, and as humans we tend to think of the worst possible scenario and thus land up with the conclusion that a tumor has started to grow in his/her head. Sometimes such patients can be obstinate to the point that they aren’t satisfied until every investigation possible has been done to rule out the cause of the symptoms which the patient believes himself to be suffering. I bet some doctors would tend to find this an annoying habit and often caution patients not to believe and take into consideration everything you read on the Internet.

But then again, we all have to agree that though the information available at our fingertips can be misleading at times, the current generation would be at a total loss without it. I for one know that I would scream in frustration or most probably would have to be admitted in a mental asylum somewhere if this valuable resource were to be wrenched away from us.

However, sometimes I do wonder whether this knowledge which we are bombarded with from all sides everyday doesn’t have its adverse effects. Like the case of the patient with the doctor, a relatively small illness can trigger a sense of alarm in us after reading the possible cause of a symptom. This in turn creates tension within the patient, when recovery and well-being of us humans do depend on our mental stability as well. At times I wonder whether our forefathers were luckier, not to be aware of every little thing that kept happening on Earth, leading them to lead a life of less mental stress. But then again, knowledge does save lives, thousands of which would not have been possible at an era where ignorance indeed was a bliss!