Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest

Being a bit of a while since I blogged. Yesterday evening found me, my sister and a couple of office mates watching Pirates of the Carribean – The Dead Man’s Chest at Atheena Cinema. Yeah you are right, it has been ages since the movie was released and finally us poor souls in Maldives had the opportunity of watching it.

It was one of the most hilarious and glorious flicks I have watched recently and everyone present (which was a couple of handful of people) would agree with me. What bugged me was the fact that Keira Knightley never seemed to be able to make up her mind about whom she is going to get married to and spend the rest of her life with. Maybe its one of the stunts pulled by the directors to entice the ever eager fans of the movie until the release of the next part of the movie. And I for one, am dying to see how it turns out.

Lion’s Lady by Julie Garwood

This weekend found me sitting on bed and enjoying a feisty romance story by Julie Garwood i.e. The Lion’s Lady.

The story starts with a group of red Indians where the “holy man” goes up to the mountains to receive a dream or revelation. During that time, the daughter and grandson of the chief of the tribe had disappeared and everyone had given up hopes of ever finding them alive.

A day or two after the “holy man” receives the “revelation” the daughter and grandson returns to the tribe with Christina Bennett in her arms, a baby at that stage with a fierce possessiveness for her mama and her brother. Her actual mother had rescued the daughter and grandson from near death and died herself a few days later by an attack from a wild bear. Christina’s mother leaves behind a diary of her journey and why she had traveled so far away from London to get to where she was. Its up to Christina to avenge for the injustice that was borne on her mother by her husband.

Thus a grown up and a beautiful and desirable lady, Christina returns to the London society taking it up by a storm where every eligible man for miles is intrigued by the aura of mystery that surrounds this woman. Lyon, Marquis of Lyonwood finds her as irresistible and thus begins an enjoyable journey of wits, passion, love and romance that would take your breathe away.

I loved the book, as I usually do with most of Julie Garwood’s books. Makes quite an enjoyable read.

Author Review – Judith McNaught

Judith McNaught’s romance novels are to die for. It portrays worlds of elegance, passion, intrigue and love like no other author can. Almost all romance book readers are avid fans of her books. Judith McNaught started out with the book Whiteney My Love, a historical romance book and went on to write contemporary stories of which her latest novel has been Every Breathe You Take which was released late last year.

I have read all of her books except for the book Water’s Edge which has a shroud of mystery surrounding it since many books portray its advertisements but I have never come across the book in any bookstore nor in any e-stores such as Amazon.com which sells almost everything. I read from somewhere that the Water’s Edge never was published but the original story line for Water’s Edge was modified and finally was released as Someone to Watch Over Me which was released prior to her latest novel.

Below I outline some of my most favorite books by Judith McNaught:

whitneymylove1. Whitney My Love: The adventures that Judith MacNaught takes us on through in this book makes it an enjoyable read. Whitney as a child feels as she should make up for the fact that her father doesn’t have a son and engages is all such activities to make her father proud which has the reverse effect in fact. She falls for a guy named Paul and goes out of her way to impress him and fails miserably. Her aunt and her husband, summoned by Whitney’s father comes to take Whitney away to Paris where she grows into a beautiful woman courted by all eligible men of the ton. The story starts when the Duke of Claymore purchases Whitney as his bride without her knowing about it. Sparks begin to fly but the undeniable passion that flares between Whitney and the Duke becomes Whitney’s undoing..
2. Until You: Featuring Whitney’s husband, The Duke of Claymore’s younger brother Stephen Westmoreland, this is an enjoyable read packed with romance, passion and intrigue. There are times when you are so happy you tend to smile and cry with frustration and sorrow at what they both go through to come out victorious in the end.

3. Something Wonderful: The tempestuous marriage of Alexandra Lawrence, an innocent country girl, and Jordan Townsende, the rich and powerful Duke of Hawthorne, is about to face its ultimate test of tender loyalty. Swept into the endlessly fascinating world of London society, free-spirited Alexandra becomes ensnared in a tangled web of jealousy and revenge, stormy pride and overwhelming passion. But behind her husband’s cold, arrogant mask, there lives a tender, vital, sensual man…the man Alexandra married. Now, she will fight for his very life…and the rapturous bond they alone can share.

3. Double Standards: One of Judith McNaught’s forays into contemporary novels, makes for quite an exciting read. The ruggedly handsome president of Global Industries handled his business the way he handled his women-with charm, daring, and ruthless self-control. A man used to the very best, Nick hired Laura Danner, and assumed that the proud beauty would soon be another easy conquest. But Laura’s flashing wit and rare spirit dazzle him-and slowly, against his will, he was intrigued, challenged-and in love. Yet Laura was living a lie, a charade that became more dangerous with every passing moment. Trapped in a web of deceit, she fought her growing love for Nick. Her secret could destroy his fragile trust-and the promise of life with the most compelling man she had ever met!

Paradise4. Paradise: One of the most enjoyable novels by Judith McNaught, contemporary style. I nearly cried at the pain, betrayal and injustice and finally the love the hero and heroine find together. Meredith Bancroft is blonde, beautiful, successful – and alone. She remains mysteriously aloof from the Chicago society in which she circulates. Her secret lies with dynamic tycoon, Matthew Farrell.

Perfect5. Perfect: This story is just Perfect. A must read for all romance readers.. Julie Mathison has constructed a perfect life for herself. Nothing and nobody can destroy her happiness – until she meets the man of her dreams. Zack Benedict is on the run, accused of murder. Desperate to prove his innocence, he uses Julie as a pawn in a dangerous game.

someonetowatchoverme6. Someone to Watch Over Me: Leigh Kendall reveled in her Broadway acting career, and her marriage to Logan Manning, scion of an old New York Family. When her husband finds an old country cabin, he decides to build their dream house and surprise Leigh with her first view of the mountain property. Following a Sunday night performance, Leigh heads north to join him, but is run off the road fighting the elements of a blinding blizzard. When she awakes in the local hospital, seriously injured, she asks for her husband. The police arrive to inform her that he has mysteriously disappeared, and Leigh, although obviously distraught, becomes the focus of their suspicions. Leigh plunges into a desperate search to find him…and into a menacing web of secrets, deception, and danger. The more she uncovers about her husband and his business affairs, the less she realizes she knew about Logan Manning. Now, with no one to help her, she is heading deeper and deeper into unknown territory…where friends and enemies are impossible to distinguish, and where the truth becomes the most terrifying weapon of all.

Jake Riordan’s baby by Anne Mather

Last night finished the novel Jake Riodan’s baby by Anne Mather. The story was a bit different from the usual Mills n Boons novels where always man meets woman and go around the hunting chasing thingy. Instead even when the story starts the the couple are already married and the wife gets a courtesy call from her husband’s “mistress”.

The story revolves around the fact that the heroine although had been able to get pregnant three times, each time the pregnancy had ended up in miscarriages which had put a strain on the marriage when the heroine refuses to have any intimacy with her husband. After two years as such, the “mistress” turns up and announces she is pregnant with her husband’s child, which starts the story rolling. It was an enjoyable read.

The Doomsday Conspiracy by Sidney Sheldon

Just finished re-reading “the Doomsday Conspiracy” By Sidney Sheldon, which had me hooked to it so that I lost precious sleep over it after the late night meal. Lol. Like any Sidney Sheldon book, this book too is highly readable keeping the readers on the edge at all times.

The story was written at a time where U.F.O sightings were becoming a common occurrence throughout the world and where stories of government cover ups were becoming quite the norm. The story centers on such an incident where a U.F.O craft crashes into Switzerland and is witnessed by a busload of tourists. The main character of the book, a trained official of the CIA is given the task of finding all who witnessed this crash on the pretense of “warning” them not to talk about what they have witnessed. The official who is handed over the task has no idea that what they had witnessed had been a U.F.O crash but rather a highly secretive military aircraft of some sort.

So thus begins his journey in locating all these witnesses. As soon as he finds them and reports them to his superior, they are killed in mysterious ways, so as not to arouse any suspicion. The story continues with snippets from the past to show to the readers that the hero was so in love with his ex-wife that he hadn’t been “whole” ever since she left him for another man, the reason being that the agent didn’thave any time for “them” anymore.

The story does make an interesting read and leads onto a climactic ending that leaves the reader stunned with disbelief.

The author ends this book by giving a whole lot of information on the extensive interviews and research that he had carried out before writing the book. It hints of the possibility that such an incident is not so far from being the truth. He further goes onto such “coincidental” deaths of scientists who were involved in the investigation of such actual incidents that had taken place all around the globe. Creepy, is it not?