The Audacity of Human beings!

As usual I was browsing through discussion forums on Amazon (trolling for books to read of course) when a particular discussion caught my eye on whether incestuous love i.e. “true love” between a sister and brother can be considered really bad. I don’t really understand what the author of the post was aiming for i.e. whether to get titles of books that featured “love” between siblings or whether he/she wanted someone to reassure him/her that “love” between a brother and sister is acceptable. I was shocked to say the least even though I had come across a couple of articles earlier this year on true stories about siblings who have had sexual relationships with one another and didn’t think they had done anything wrong and wanted to get their message across to the world.

I am just amazed at the audacity of us human beings to come out and start pestering everyone around them to believe or at least start planting the seeds of doubt in their minds on whatever skewed version of reality that person might be living in. I am NOT stating that change is a bad thing. But there should come a point where we should be able to draw the line and say when enough is enough. I mean come on! Having sex with your own brother or sister? *shudders at the mere thought*

I can’t even fathom the reason why someone would want to form a sexual relationship with their own blood relative. But I guess as it is the norm with us human beings, what is forbidden always seems more enticing and what entices us always tends to land us in shit loads of trouble.

Regardless of religion or culture, there should be a line that separates us from existing as mere animals and act upon the intelligence we have been equipped with to differentiate between right and wrong, to differentiate between modes of behavior acceptable for humans rather than succumbing to every forbidden desire that rises within us and prove once and for all that we deserve to be labeled as human beings instead of falling into the realms of shocking animalistic behavior as socially and culturally expected of us.