New Years and Resolutions

Whilst we are spending the last few hours of the year 2007 and waiting in anticipation for 2008, my mind wondered about the fact, why people tend to be so fascinated with the *new* year. Is it because its termed *new*; just like it brings joy to ones heart when a loved one presents you with a *new* mobile phone for your birthday, when you have a *new* dress to wear to work tomorrow?

Or isit the fact that people need to cling onto the hope that like a new day brings forth hidden surprises along its way, a new year could bring those would-be-happy surprises in abundance?

I for one do not really get what all the rave about the new year is about. I mean even though tomorrow might be the first day of a new year, arent we all just going to feel the same when we wake up tomorrow morning? Arent we just going to wake up in the same bed, go through the same motions we go through every other day, and by the end of it still feel the same (pessimistic I know, but aint it the truth??).

Its not the new year that brings happiness or wonderful surprises into your life. Its those whom you hold dear and close to your hearts that can make a difference in your life. And its the way you choose to live your life that can bring the good/bad changes in your life.

A new year resolution on itself doesnt change a thing. Its just like your dreams and hopes about the future. To achieve those dreams, a lot of hard work and sweat goes into it. Many a day and night are spent raving at the *fates* for the stumbles you take at every turn during the journey made to achieve your dreams. However, if you work hard enough and is courageous enough, you will emerge victorious at the end. I believe thats the *day* that deserves the celebration. For the *new* day that you have been waiting for all your life has arrived then.

And before I forget, I wish all the bloggers a happy *new* year :). Although I might be a bit of a pessimist when it comes to stuff like this, for those with the resolutions and big dreams, best of luck!. With a lil luck and help, yours just might come true.

Wat the heck?!!

An article which I came across in the Haveeru Daily literally had steam coming out of my ears. In the news piece it was stated that the trial of a guy who had sexually abused his 6 year old step daughter was held on Thursday in his absence.

Now the part that got me riled up wasnt the fact that the trial was being held in his absence. It was the fact that the mother of the child was reluctant to testify against the step father aka her husband (hopefully ex-husband) cos she had a baby who wasnt even a year old from the worse-than-scum-stepdad.

I just couldnt believe it!! I mean I just cant understand why the heck the mother would want to protect the husband when he had SEXUALLY abused her child from a previous marriage when hospital records had also confirmed the fact that the girl had been sexually abused. C’mon!! Someone who sexually abuses six year olds cannot be that good of a husband!!

And I bet the line of defense that the step father would have might just be “Oh comeon!! She was giving me the come-on-to-me signal right from the day i married her mother”. Geez!!

I seriously wonder whats wrong with the human generation. Now the mother might go onto defend her actions by saying she was thinking how on earth was she going to take care of her two kids without any financial back-up from the worse-than-scum-stepdad.

I’d say go get a life!!. If someone dares abuse my child, even if the guy may be the love of my life I say he wasnt worth my love in the first place. Single parenthood maybe tough but you will survive. Get a job! Earn a living and provide for your children no matter how measly your earnings might turn out to be. Atleast the children wouldnt grow up haunted by the fact that at any time during the day or night, the evil that lives right beside their mother might pounce on them when he feels like it!!

The Boy from The Beach

Those eyes of his still haunt me

Eyes that had seen more than I would ever see in my whole life..

Eyes that were brimming with the futile hopelessness

that he must have been feeling..

Eyes that begged for what he could not voice

Conveying with the look that he was almost ready to give up

Just to feel what it would be like

To end the constant battle for survival..

I watched on a feeling of helplessness so deep within me

that still invoke a feeling of profound sadness in my heart

wishing and hoping that one day he would find

something to live for,

something to hope for,

something to dream about..

This is dedicated to all homeless children out there. My prayers are with you always…

Sky’z The Limit Award

No one needs to talk about the effects of drugs and their devastating effect on our society. Its ingrained in our minds from the moment we step in to this world. “Say no to drugs”, “Work together towards a drug free society” are content that we come across almost everyday even though we do not give it a moments thought.

At present, drug users are labelled as people who are “sick”, needing all the encouragement and help the society can offer so that they overcome the habit of relying on drugs to keep their problems at bay. In this I disagree to the extent that it is those drug offenders who really WANT to help themselves and WANT to work towards leading a drug free life that need our help and encouragement.

From the moment a child is born into this world, it is the everlasting dream of the parents to provide their child with the betterments in life that they never had. Providing a good education, better health care and living conditions for their family are the motivating factors that propel parents to work sometimes more than one job, just to make ends meet. It is the hope of every parent that their child would grow up to be a person who can contribute towards the wellness of the society.

Achieving this dream is tough enough as it is without battling with the darker forces in the society. The ease of availability of drugs, the rising amount of peer pressure amongst the young to be “cool” (which mostly means performing acts of rebellion towards the authority of ones parents) and the suppliers who are always looking for fresh young blood to “contaminate” makes the job of being a parent extra hard.

The congested conditions within which we live in makes it difficult to bring up ones children in the proper manner of discipline as large extended families have to make do with the cramped housing conditions in the capital city, which is where a proper education can be given to their children. I am certaiin that 99% of the families in our society would have had some sort of run in with drug offenders, either they be within their immediate family or the extended family.

Thus I say that parents who are able to come out victorious in the said battle and bring up their children to be all that and more they have dreamt of them to be, needs to be awarded for the “war” fought on behalf of their children and our society. They should be recognized as those who aimed for the sky and reached it, nevertheless of the forces that act collectively against it.

The IT Gods

Being IT professionals mean that:

1- You are required to come up with the most “creative” solutions for the most ghastly situations that arise @ work..
2- You are required to pet and console each and every employee of their squirmy complaints when dealing with technical mumbo jumbo and tell them “it happens to everyone” when it REALLY DOES NOT..
3- You require daily doses of botox injections to permanently fix a smile on your face when on the inside you are screaming your inner guts out..
4- You are always required to know the gazillion *new* technologies that come out each and every day..
5- You are required to instill the importance of maintaining data integrity and consistency in ppl who feel indignant when the IT bloke @ work stresses on why data cannot be manipulated as THEY see fit..
6- And most of all You are required to remain SANE throughout the day!!

Gotta get back to work now!! :D