Educational Institutes That Should Not Exist!!!

Education is the foundation of our lives today and it is important nowadays at least to have a Bachelors Degree in some field for one to survive in the highly advanced and fast paced world we live in today.

What really pisses me off are educational institutions which compromises quality of what they are offering for money. I know that not each and everyone of us have the means to go over to UK and USA to have a higher education. But “cheap” education doesn’t mean what you learn or what you get from that institution should be valued at 0 dollars.

Being a victim of such an institution in Malaysia, I find it highly revolting that they produce an image which says that the quality is the main priority for them when it comes to education. But what really happens is there is no difference between the students who really try and work hard to reach their goals and those who wile away their time by copying from the hard working students. There is no difference applied when grading assignments and projects that have been done from scratch by a couple of handful of students whereas the majority just copy and paste from the Internet and pass up the required assignments and projects just because they have to do it so that the institution does not alert their parents.

Lecturers who come in is another story. They are fresh graduates who have little or no experience on what they are doing and what they should be doing. Even guidelines that a lecturer should know about the policies of the institution have to be told by students sometimes. Pathetic huh? They are just in it for the money only and do not really care about the students who would have to suffer. They make up for the lack of their expertise by providing an abundance of “tips” for the final exams which includes sometimes even the whole paper in terms of their notes.

Whilst the period of studying for the Bachelors Degree should be a period where the student takes up the skills of doing research and learning to cope with subjects on his or her own, this institution promotes the spoon feeding technology and expects the students to get the greatest results and pass up individual and high-tech projects in their final year when the moderating university from UK takes interest in the students performance. This has been my experience during the three years of studying for my degree.

There are situations far worse than mine. I know of friends and relatives who in India have come under worse circumstances where their educational institutions are just places where you go and pay loads of money for nothing. You go for classes which aren’t attended by any lecturer, or else the class is taught in a different language other than English etc. Such problems affect the student who has high hopes when he or she joins that institution in terms of the education and services that they would receive. Even if top notch services and quality of education provided by institutions in rich countries such as the UK and USA cannot be provided, I say that what is worthy of your money should be provided.

Education has become a money making business during the present day to the extent that quality is no longer the essence that drives this force. It is really sad to see that the quality is compromised for the quantity, in this case making humongous sums of money by enticing a large population of students for a smaller fee compared to higher quality institutions, and employing lecturers who have no idea what it is they are doing and making students suffer all the way through. People should really think about this because the future of our world depends on the children of today who get education from rotten institutions like ones I have encountered with.

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