500 Days; #FindMoyameehaa

500 Days; Find Moyameehaa - Source: Twitter

500 Days; Find Moyameehaa – Source: Twitter

Never will I forget,
The shiver of apprehension that coursed through me
When news of Rilwan’s disappearance made headlines

Never did I believe,
That one of the kindest & bravest souls I know of
Would face a fate as this, 500 days of not knowing

Never did I think,
Negligence on part of the law enforcement that should serve and protect
Would be such blatant and belligerent in nature

Never will I unsee,
The sorrow etched deep, on the faces of Rilwan’s family & friends
Specially that of his mother, whose tears run unchecked, whose pleas have gone unheard, till today

Never would I be able to accept,
The callous disregard for human life
On the part of this government & its head of state

Never will I stop waiting & hoping,
For answers on Rilwan’s whereabouts
On what happened to him

Never will I stop asking to,

Where Were You Sheikhs?


Where were you Sheikhs

When Maumoon raped this country for 30 years & used religion as a political tool for his gain

Why weren’t your voices resonating with authority

When Islam teachers refused to talk about religion as it should have been because they had been ordered not to

Why were you silent and turned a blind eye

When all the atrocities continued to happen in this country & people started to stray towards a ‘version’ of Islam that suites them

Where were you Sheikhs

When people were imprisoned & tortured for no reason other than speaking their minds

Where were you Sheikhs

When the father who wanted his daughter to be able to wear Hijab at school got sent to prison for his advocation

Why are you always so selective in your condemnation

When it is your duty to see, hear & address all issues in the society

Where were you Sheikhs

When men who sported beards were jailed, shaved off & plastered with chili sauce for acting as per the Prophet’s Sunnah

Where were you Sheikhs

When Maumoon denied what is in the Quran & spoke of the Hijab as something that is not necessary

Oh, & where were you Sheikhs

When the whole country has & is being stripped bare of its justice system; when justice is being served to the highest bidder

Where were you Sheikhs

When corrupt & incompetent Judges continue to reside in our Courts & ensure Justice is always delayed

Where were you Sheikhs

When hate mongering is what was & is being carried out in the name of media freedom in the country

Where were you Sheikhs

When society is being divided in half & everyone believes themselves to be the righteous & on the path to Paradise

Where were you Sheikhs

When the Police & the Military toppled an elected government & invoked the Almighty’s name while celebrating

Where were your voices

When a young child who was systematically raped by her stepfather gave birth & is to be flogged for the act of premarital sex

Where were you Sheikhs

When radicalism began to take root on this soil & is continuing to fester unchecked

Are you all deaf, dumb & blind

When religion is being used as a political tool & self righteousness continues to grow amok in this society

When are you going to stand up & do your duty to the people & this country

When are you going to have your say & guide people to the right way

When are you going to have the guts to talk about the injustices that happen right in front of your eyes

When are you going to preach religion for its sake & not for any other gain & because that’s whats your duty is as a scholar of Islam

When are you going to face the truth & realize that this country is moving towards ruin & if you don’t step forward now

Shit is going to hit the fan & then no amount of self righteousness on your part is going to save this country & its people

Poem: Say Goodbye…

In the flickering light of the waning candle
I sit and remember all the stolen moments we would never have …

In the darkest hours of the night as the rest of the world sleeps
I sit and yearn for a future we’ll never have …

In the deepest, darkest corners of my heart
I berate the fates for sending you my way when it was too late …

At the very next breath I let myself wonder
What it’d be like, if the rest of my life were to happen with you by my side …

But as the rising sun chases away the lingering shadows
Reality pokes in, bringing with it
the bitter flavor of the tears unshed,
the terrifying want of unspoken longing
& a love that defies all logic & will go unfulfilled in this lifetime.

Dedicated to everyone who has loved & lost, because for one reason or the other, it was never meant to happen in this lifetime.

Poem: The Dream…

That secretive half-smile that curves your mouth that only he understands,

That odd little dive your tummy does only when you see him,

That inexplicable tumble your heart does that comes only when you are with him,

That a-mile-a-minute race your pulse does when he sends you that special look that is universal but you alone can decipher,

That tingle that slowly awakens all your senses when its him and him alone,

That all encompassing desire that takes root to hold on and prolong the riot of emotions that invades your soul when he whispers the words meant for your ears alone,

That beautiful sensation of being the utter focus of his entire universe knowing you are enough for him,

The ultimate betrayal of waking up all alone, aching for what could have been and should have been, the only thing left being the vestiges and tendrils of a dream that leaves nothing but a resounding emptiness in its wake that brings tears to the eyes and pain to the heart.

Dedicated to everyone who yearns for that something more; because if nothing else we are all human and our weaknesses lie in our desire to attain the unattainable.

Tears …

You shed them in pain
You shed them in sorrow
You shed them with intense happiness
And for some, it is an expression of intense anger

Tears have the power to cleanse your soul

It is an expression of grief
A release from the sorrow that binds your emotions so tightly

It has the power to bring one to their knees
And the power to wrap someone on your proverbial little finger

Some detest tears shed
Some view tears with mistrust
Some see it as a tool with which you manipulate the ones you love

Some welcome tears wholeheartedly
Some shed them at the drop of a hat
While some have a hard time expressing their emotions through tears

There is no greater expression of one’s sorrow than tears
Those precious drops of water that is therapeutic in the face of tragedy

And as long as we continue to be governed by our emotions

The world will see tears shed
In the debilitating moments of fear
In the gut wrenching moments of pain
In the soul shattering moments of heartbreak
And even during those brief moments
When the grey clouds part
to reveal the shining sun that dries up your tears