Were They or Were They NOT on a BREAK?

Anyone who has ever being a fan of the multi-award winning series Friends that was aired from 1994-2004 would know what I am talking about. The “big fight” between Ross and Rachel which caused the rift between them as boyfriend and girlfriend would be remembered by everyone who has watched Friends.

From the beginning it is portrayed that Ross (David Schwimmer) has always had feelings for Rachel Greene (Jeniffer Aniston). Although Ross has never been able to confess the way he feels to Rachel, Rachel finds out about it at end of the first season.

Thus in the second season Ross and Rachel get together as a couple. After a couple of seasons, their comes this rift between the two of them when Rachel starts working at Ralph Laurens and there comes this guy who helps Rachel gets the job into the picture. Driven by jealousy and by the fact that they both had not been able to spend some quality time together as a couple, Ross starts complaining and Rachel gets unbearably angry with him for all sorts of things and asks for a BREAK away from each other.

Knowing Ross’s character as everyone does, he is devastated and goes to some bar where this “hot” chick that Ross, Joey and Chandler has been raving about turns onto him and they sleep together. Now the Time for the BIG QUESTION. Was what Ross did wrong in terms of whether they were on a break from each other or NOT?? I am not talking about the Love factor and all that bullshit, just for arguments sake. can Rachel throw that at Ross’s face saying that he cheated on her? I just cant seem to understand it..

I got to thinking about this because a couple of days during the breakfast me, my sis and a couple of friends got to talking about whether each one present considered whether they had been on a break or not, and surprisingly the opinion was divided. Those who begged to differ on the fact that they were not on a break gave the reason that “Of Ross did love Rachel as much he wouldn’t have or shouldn’t have” which is not the point. I for one find the notion a bit annoying. Because, they were definitely on a break. Apart from the love factor and all that mushy stuff where you are supposed to mourn for like a gazillion years after a breakup, I think Ross didn’t do anything wrong by sleeping with someone else. Opinions will tend to differ. So, what do you think?