Justice League Unlimited Ends :(


Source: keithroysdon.wordpress.com

Just finished watching the last season of Justice League Unlimited. Man, its so hard to believe that they won’t be producing any more of this great stuff. Its like the best entertainment ever. (sob sob). Sigh!!

I wish that they would continue to go on producing more of this rather than putting an end to this great show which has captured the imagination and attention of million of viewers all around the world.

There are rumors that a new series depicting Flash might come around. But things just won’t be the same would they? Justice League Unlimited Season five ended in such a way that there might be an opening or room for a new season. Lex Luthor and Darkside both disappear with the anti-life equation in hand. Most can assume that they will return once again as Batman predicts at the end.

It just breaks my heart to know that there would be no more Justice League episodes to look forward to as it is one series that I have enjoyed always.