Ministry of Legal Reform, Information and Arts

Whoopee!! Who would’ve thought that our country had such creative geniuses backing us up all the way… I mean just look @ that name and doesnt your mind throw up fantastic images of a room full of people with their sleeves rolled up, intense concentration on their face with just a slightly pained look to pull it off from all the exhaustive thinking that they have been doing to come up with such a name.. or does your mind just totally blank out and come up with dude!! what the heck!!???

well the latter part is what happened to me when i first heard of this wonderful ministry that has come into existence in the political mumbo jumbo to which our country has been reduced to these days.. Who in their right minds would pair up “LEGAL REFORM” (which means that based on the legal system that a country adopts, it works with the thinking that there is always room for improvements, like amend laws, enforce fairness amongst all basically work towards making the adopted legal system a better one) with Information and Arts?? I mean basically what the Ministry of Information and Arts had been doing until it was paired up with “LEGAL REFORM” was to work towards the betterment of the media in the country. This does include “fabrication” of truth by the state run television and radio services to suite their needs in times of politically challenged situations.

So why pair up legal reform with the information and arts when it would have been much better suited to pair it or just run it through the Ministry of Justice since we already have a ministry labelled as that. Could it be the fact that the head of the government is ready to stifle any form of discontentment and criticism that may arise due to the fact that our justice system is haywire and work towards finding “justice” for those with the deeply lined pockets? or could it be the fact that Minister Nasheed has no interest whatsoever in marrying the “ex-wife” of his best friend (something which was printed in one of the sensational tabloids in the Maldives) i.e. take over the handling of Ministry of Justice for which he has the right amount of educational qualification and such? Whatever the reason behind the formation of this strange sounding ministry, it has been brought into effect and is headed by the infamous Minister Nasheed.

What shocked me for the most part was what was printed in the Haveeru Daily newspaper during the weekend issue I think if my memory serves me right.. saying that our Legal reform Minister has brought about some infinitely brilliant “reform” to the legal system of the country by banning those who wear the head scarf from applying for jobs as presenters in the state-run television media aka Television Maldives. And it has also been decided that the Palestinians who die each and everday at the hands of the Israleans are not to be mentioned as martyrs and the war that has been going on between them for centuries is not to be referred to as a “Holy” war.

What saddened me the most was the part to do with the head scarf.. whats that go to do with anything? I mean isnt the sad fact that we are supposedly 100% Muslims and a handful of us even know what being a true Muslim is enough humiliation? Isnt the fact that ppl are supposedly equal, count for nothing when it comes to stifling the handful of Islamic culture and way of life taught to us by the Prophet, that is retained by our society heartbreaking enough?

P.S: Thanks to Afxam for his enlightening definitions on legal reform which made this post an easier one to write :)


I seem to have run into a “writers block” where my blog is concerned.

Every time I sit down to write down something, my mind kinda goes blank and I am like what the heck am i doing??

But at the oddest moments like when I am out to enjoy a ride around Male’, or I am busy buried in the thousands of lines of codes, stuff creeps into my head which slowly revolve into a pretty nice blog post. Oh the irony!

But then the moment goes off, and I am left with the usual ramblings of my mind.

The question I am left with then is, where do I go from here?