The Problem The British Seems to Be Having

The British suddenly seems to be fixated on the veil that is obligatory for all Muslim women to wear. The British seems to find the veil a barrier to communication and a barrier to forming relations within the community. Some have gone even as far as to say that the veil is worn to be different and that those who wear it are not projecting the idea of welcoming inclusion into the society. I say what a load of CRAP!!

The whole propaganda seems to have been started to divert the attention from the real problem on the hands of the Britain’s i.e. the fact that the war on Iraq is not working and its time to go home and admit failure. The Bush and the Blaire administration is constantly under fire and scrutiny over their actions in Iraq and how Iraq has turned out into a violent country where there is no respite from the day to day bombings and other such violent activities.

The Bush administration I believe has achieved its target by dividing up the whole Iraqi society such that they are not a community as a whole anymore.. They are separate communities that are fighting amongst themselves and thus missing the whole picture. Which is the fact that they are giving up the expected results wanted by all non-muslims–> disintegration of the Muslim community.

Muslims should be concerned about what is happening and focus on the bigger picture rather than getting involved in a brawl with the British or the Americans about issues of the religion that have been clearly outlined in the Holy Quruan and Ahadith. The Muslim community at this time should strive to unite as one and fight against these forces who are effectively trying to create strife and ignorance in the Muslim Community.