A typical day at work for a government employee

07:59: Mad rush to sign in before the time is up.

08:15: Log-on to your computer > Log-on to Facebook > Stalk friends on Facebook > Log-on to MSN Messenger > See if anyone interesting is online > Check various emails > Browse through Haveeru or any other website of interest for a while

09:15 or so: Breakfast hour!! Call up your tea buddies at other offices > Plan on where to meet > Zoom out of the door before giving a heads up to the supervisor who himself/herself may not be around OR Gather with your tea buddies at work > Head out the door regardless of whether you are leaving a whole section man less behind

11:00 or so: Breeze back into the office reeking of cigarette smoke, roshi, mashuni and what not! No explanations required OR Head off to the bank or to handle some personal matter (mostly those who operate their own businesses)

12:00: Time for lunch. Everyone scrambles to head out of the door as fast as their legs can take them

13:00: Those who are faithful to their jobs make it back on time whilst the groupies who go out for lunch are still not back

13:30: Time to get some work done. Type some official correspondence while taking breaks in between to talk on the phone, or chat with someone who just buzzed you or look up the notifications received on Facebook.

14:15 or so: Yawn!! Lunch has made everyone a bit lazy and uninterested in work. Time to do more interesting things such as watch a movie or a new episode of a series that interests you. For everyone else there’s always YouTube!

15:30 Feels so much rejuvenated! But then again there’s not much time left to do anything else is there?

15:45: Start primping to go home. Take out your cosmetics ladies and start primping away.

15:59: Rushes to sign out and win the award for being the first one out of the door!

Whew! That was a hectic day wasn’t it!

13 thoughts on “A typical day at work for a government employee

  1. 16:59: Rushes to sign out and win the award for being the first one out of the door!

    its suposed to be 15:59

    lucky u get facebook and mesenger at office..most government places dont have it now since i too work in an govt. place, i know.

    • oops.. my bad! Thanks for pointing that out!
      I work in the government as well.. I have seen this as a common happenstance in many offices..
      Even at our place we wanted to block all these applications, but the higher ups didn’t wanna hear abt it..

    • Its not propaganda, I have seen this happen over and over again. I bet those who go over to government ministries to acquire a service or even call up a government office to inquire about a matter would say differently than what you are saying.
      So why not sack those who are incompetent and hire people who would do the required job? I say yes!
      And for that matter, I didn’t even think of the sacking part when I wrote this post. But now that you have brought it up I guess wasting billions of rufiyaa paying these employees their salary is a huge waste of federal funds!

      • Its not a waste! a one or two ppl may be misusing their time at work, but sacking thousands of ppl is not justifiable, with lots of families in need of their support. I work at a Govt enforcement agency and have seen that most of them try their best and be productive. U may think that the people in the political designations are the best instead of civil servants, well, ur wrong!!!
        U guys wanna cut down civil servants and keep more ppl in higherup political designations. Trying to justify the 514 tvm employees who are on the brink of termination!!
        We are human beings, we are not machines to work 8 hrs straight without fufilling basic needs or taking breaks. ALSO Where can we draw a line of finding who are incompetent and vice-versa. there …

        gotto go to sleep, have work tomorrow

  2. Hello Mr. Angry Civil,
    I in no way support the appointments of large numbers of political employees whilst the number of civil servants are being cut down to half its original size. Nor in anyway do I support the fact that its only the civil servants at the moment who are facing the pay cuts as well as getting terminated under the redundancy packages. These steps should be taken equally amongst all government employees. Equality amongst everyone is something I guess the whole world is yet to learn.
    I also work in a government enforcement agency, which is why I for a fact know that these things keep happening. I meet people who work in other ministries, hear their concerns, see for a fact that apart from a considerably few number of employees who actually DO their job, the rest are in it just for the EASY money earned. I can in now way say YES to this!

  3. It was a spur of the moment outburst, I take all I said back as Ur in noway related to the the relevant authorities, we aren’t got any job security so u wud know the feelings. Also Ur just a married IT field girl with spare time, I went thru all ur posts n concludes that it’s an awsome blog. Keep posting

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