~ Depressing Thoughts To Start Off 2010..

Was going through the calendar for the year 2010 and realized that there are no frigging holidays, well holidays worth mentioning for the first 6 months of the year. Damn!! Looking forward to long weekends and the fact that Eid holidays occuring twice a year bring week long holidays are the main reasons I get through the whole year of work, work & more work. But 2010 is just the pits in this regard.

On the month of February we get a lousy one day break in the middle of some godforsaken week and the dry spell goes on till the July 26th which blessedly falls on a Monday. And the most disappointing of all is the fact that Ramazan ends on a Thursday rendering Eid Al Fitr to fall on a Friday. So us poor folks would just get Sunday off meaning a three day weekend. Yay!! So much for the silver lining.

The only month to look forward to is November. The 3rd & 11th of November together with the Eid Al Al-ha holidays falling on this month would be a month which I bet everyone would look forward to since the academic calender also ends within November. I guess everyone should start making travel plans for November since rather than taking off on a 30 day break for your annual leave where most probably you stay at home and mope or watch TV and series till your eyes are red and all cross-eyed from the effort, it is just more fun when everyone gets time off from work at the same time!

So here’s to a depressing start to a new year. Happy new year everyone! xox