The League of the Ex-Atholhuveringe Club

Someone has nurtured them to think they are above the law

and that to no one they have to answer to

It doesn’t help that upper crust of the management have similar issues

of course, it doesn’t help much

when you have been nurtured in a certain way

for the past 30 years!

They are too busy trying to save their face

with the rapid changes that have come about,

rather than tackle the issues that are at hand.

Leaving the gentlemen of the club, to do as they please.

Anyone who has an opinion cannot survive,

they really need to fight it out till the end.

And when its over, the club of gentlemen always wins,

cause no matter what, the league has cast its web of deceit

far and wide amongst the upper crust.

Their management style is unlike anything

I have ever seen.

And they are proud to show it off,

because it keeps those opinionated fools,

who work to change things for the better at bay!

Oh, how  much do I wish we could all just walk away,

and leave the club to run the organization on their own.

I bet they would be floundering and drowning

in their own pile of shit in no time!

But alas, circumstances of us lower class employees

dictate we stick around

and let the spray of shit hit us, when it goes around!

This is dedicated to those few brave employees at the Commission, who fight it out everyday to change things for the better! This one’s for you guys! :)

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