The Maternal Urge

Being married for quite sometime and having no kids to show for it, I am always bombarded with questions from friends and acquaintances whenever and wherever I see them on pregnancywhether I have kids or not and when I reply that I do not, when I would be trying for one and that my biological clock is ticking and so on. And when it comes to my family members, its a whole other story. They pick on me every chance they get, to get me going on the biological forefront before my non-existent eggs die of shame, because when it comes to babies, although I love them as much as the next person, I really do not have that sense of urgency nor the desperation to have one!

Now some women might find that a tad odd. But I really have no clue why how I feel this way. Recently I had a conversation on the same topic with a close friend of mine, who is at the moment trying to conceive and frankly I am a bit surprised on the turnabout of events, since she is someone who has always craved constant change and challenges in life and wasn’t in the mood to try for a baby the last time I saw her. So in the end  I find that like me, she has no particular urge to have a baby, but the thought that time is flying by and she may never get the chance and all the what could have beens are propelling her towards the whirlpool of baby making.

Maybe my sense of being disconnected from the maternal group might have something to do with the fact that my biological system really doesn’t work like a well greased clock, but rather it just goes on as it pleases. I was diagnosed with PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) whilst I was in my teens and ever since doctors have advised me on the course of treatments that I would have to take to conceive. Being not so much of a fan on the intake of hormonal medicines that make me grumpy, cranky and the worse kind of person on earth to be around with, I really do not find the thought of going through various medicinal cycles and treatment courses to have a baby. And the tales of how scary the birthing process might turn out to be doesn’t seem to help much as well. Might be that I would regret NOT having this particular urge, but for now I am content with the way things are, and maybe one day before its too late, I too would get a buzz of the maternal fever that seems to catch up with us female species!

4 thoughts on “The Maternal Urge

  1. Hehe… Very true. N again I think its a bit early for me,.. Maybe am in a whirlpool which takes turn in two ways, Hehe.
    as for u, I never thought I would have this feeling. Actually, I am not fond of kids either but with time… Hehe

  2. heheh…………….My Dear.there’s no blame for you not having kids in this health conditions indeed.i agree with you the most.Be happy……………ok

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