Wat the heck?!!

An article which I came across in the Haveeru Daily literally had steam coming out of my ears. In the news piece it was stated that the trial of a guy who had sexually abused his 6 year old step daughter was held on Thursday in his absence.

Now the part that got me riled up wasnt the fact that the trial was being held in his absence. It was the fact that the mother of the child was reluctant to testify against the step father aka her husband (hopefully ex-husband) cos she had a baby who wasnt even a year old from the worse-than-scum-stepdad.

I just couldnt believe it!! I mean I just cant understand why the heck the mother would want to protect the husband when he had SEXUALLY abused her child from a previous marriage when hospital records had also confirmed the fact that the girl had been sexually abused. C’mon!! Someone who sexually abuses six year olds cannot be that good of a husband!!

And I bet the line of defense that the step father would have might just be “Oh comeon!! She was giving me the come-on-to-me signal right from the day i married her mother”. Geez!!

I seriously wonder whats wrong with the human generation. Now the mother might go onto defend her actions by saying she was thinking how on earth was she going to take care of her two kids without any financial back-up from the worse-than-scum-stepdad.

I’d say go get a life!!. If someone dares abuse my child, even if the guy may be the love of my life I say he wasnt worth my love in the first place. Single parenthood maybe tough but you will survive. Get a job! Earn a living and provide for your children no matter how measly your earnings might turn out to be. Atleast the children wouldnt grow up haunted by the fact that at any time during the day or night, the evil that lives right beside their mother might pounce on them when he feels like it!!

8 thoughts on “Wat the heck?!!

  1. one thing i’ve noticed is that we Maldivians have a tendency to condone sex offenders. Some people I’ve known would have absolutely no qualm about making a comment that has sexual connotations to a little girl. I mean comments like ‘boduveema varah fakkaa vaane’. I find it so nauseating.

  2. Yes, that is disturbing but the reality maybe far more troubling than the mother’s reluctance to testify.

    There is absolutely nothing a single mother taking care of 2 kids can expect from the government as there is not such thing as social welfare in this country.

    Leaving the man may not be a good choice if doing so means starving.

    Life is never fair for some.

  3. *askme: Yah i know.. its so revolting.. u feel like shuddering every time u hear something like that happen..

    *hammet: yeah i couldnt believe my eyes when i read the article..

    *medical investigator, mode: Yah I know.. we as a society need to do more to save our children from such henious acts.. grrr!! (and mode u are right to get carried away!!)

    *simon: Yah thats also true.. but i still cant side with the mother.. i wont be able to live with miself knowing my husband abused my child and knowingly i am letting him abuse him/her further

  4. theres nothing we could do about it you know
    just, make sure something like that don’t happen to us

    people are so.. weird i must say
    theres just no other word :S

  5. mini.. u are right.. ppl are weird.. its when they are weird in all the wrong matters.. matters that leave behind devastating effects on other ppl lives..that makes me angry n sad @ the same time..

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