New Years and Resolutions

Whilst we are spending the last few hours of the year 2007 and waiting in anticipation for 2008, my mind wondered about the fact, why people tend to be so fascinated with the *new* year. Is it because its termed *new*; just like it brings joy to ones heart when a loved one presents you with a *new* mobile phone for your birthday, when you have a *new* dress to wear to work tomorrow?

Or isit the fact that people need to cling onto the hope that like a new day brings forth hidden surprises along its way, a new year could bring those would-be-happy surprises in abundance?

I for one do not really get what all the rave about the new year is about. I mean even though tomorrow might be the first day of a new year, arent we all just going to feel the same when we wake up tomorrow morning? Arent we just going to wake up in the same bed, go through the same motions we go through every other day, and by the end of it still feel the same (pessimistic I know, but aint it the truth??).

Its not the new year that brings happiness or wonderful surprises into your life. Its those whom you hold dear and close to your hearts that can make a difference in your life. And its the way you choose to live your life that can bring the good/bad changes in your life.

A new year resolution on itself doesnt change a thing. Its just like your dreams and hopes about the future. To achieve those dreams, a lot of hard work and sweat goes into it. Many a day and night are spent raving at the *fates* for the stumbles you take at every turn during the journey made to achieve your dreams. However, if you work hard enough and is courageous enough, you will emerge victorious at the end. I believe thats the *day* that deserves the celebration. For the *new* day that you have been waiting for all your life has arrived then.

And before I forget, I wish all the bloggers a happy *new* year :). Although I might be a bit of a pessimist when it comes to stuff like this, for those with the resolutions and big dreams, best of luck!. With a lil luck and help, yours just might come true.