The IT Gods

Being IT professionals mean that:

1- You are required to come up with the most “creative” solutions for the most ghastly situations that arise @ work..
2- You are required to pet and console each and every employee of their squirmy complaints when dealing with technical mumbo jumbo and tell them “it happens to everyone” when it REALLY DOES NOT..
3- You require daily doses of botox injections to permanently fix a smile on your face when on the inside you are screaming your inner guts out..
4- You are always required to know the gazillion *new* technologies that come out each and every day..
5- You are required to instill the importance of maintaining data integrity and consistency in ppl who feel indignant when the IT bloke @ work stresses on why data cannot be manipulated as THEY see fit..
6- And most of all You are required to remain SANE throughout the day!!

Gotta get back to work now!! :D