Tears …

You shed them in pain
You shed them in sorrow
You shed them with intense happiness
And for some, it is an expression of intense anger

Tears have the power to cleanse your soul

It is an expression of grief
A release from the sorrow that binds your emotions so tightly

It has the power to bring one to their knees
And the power to wrap someone on your proverbial little finger

Some detest tears shed
Some view tears with mistrust
Some see it as a tool with which you manipulate the ones you love

Some welcome tears wholeheartedly
Some shed them at the drop of a hat
While some have a hard time expressing their emotions through tears

There is no greater expression of one’s sorrow than tears
Those precious drops of water that is therapeutic in the face of tragedy

And as long as we continue to be governed by our emotions

The world will see tears shed
In the debilitating moments of fear
In the gut wrenching moments of pain
In the soul shattering moments of heartbreak
And even during those brief moments
When the grey clouds part
to reveal the shining sun that dries up your tears

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