500 Days; #FindMoyameehaa

500 Days; Find Moyameehaa - Source: Twitter

500 Days; Find Moyameehaa – Source: Twitter

Never will I forget,
The shiver of apprehension that coursed through me
When news of Rilwan’s disappearance made headlines

Never did I believe,
That one of the kindest & bravest souls I know of
Would face a fate as this, 500 days of not knowing

Never did I think,
Negligence on part of the law enforcement that should serve and protect
Would be such blatant and belligerent in nature

Never will I unsee,
The sorrow etched deep, on the faces of Rilwan’s family & friends
Specially that of his mother, whose tears run unchecked, whose pleas have gone unheard, till today

Never would I be able to accept,
The callous disregard for human life
On the part of this government & its head of state

Never will I stop waiting & hoping,
For answers on Rilwan’s whereabouts
On what happened to him

Never will I stop asking to,