Poem: The Dream…

That secretive half-smile that curves your mouth that only he understands,

That odd little dive your tummy does only when you see him,

That inexplicable tumble your heart does that comes only when you are with him,

That a-mile-a-minute race your pulse does when he sends you that special look that is universal but you alone can decipher,

That tingle that slowly awakens all your senses when its him and him alone,

That all encompassing desire that takes root to hold on and prolong the riot of emotions that invades your soul when he whispers the words meant for your ears alone,

That beautiful sensation of being the utter focus of his entire universe knowing you are enough for him,

The ultimate betrayal of waking up all alone, aching for what could have been and should have been, the only thing left being the vestiges and tendrils of a dream that leaves nothing but a resounding emptiness in its wake that brings tears to the eyes and pain to the heart.

Dedicated to everyone who yearns for that something more; because if nothing else we are all human and our weaknesses lie in our desire to attain the unattainable.