CNN vs. Aljazeera on the War in Gaza

Anyone who even remotely comes out of the comfortable bubble which surrounds them to peek into the world outside would know whats happening in Gaza these days. I for one have always believed that when it comes to reporting on crimes that are committed by the “rich” and “elite” countries of the world against Muslims, CNN tends to be always biased in reporting their views. However, even believing all that, I was shocked at the extent to which they are trying their damnedest best to convince the world that it is the folk of Israel that are suffering and not the Palestinians. Here is which convinced me why:
CNN reporting on the situation: Citizens of Israel who live near the Gaza neighborhood are “disturbed” or “inconvenienced” to say if i may, by the sound of gun fire and other types of explosions in Gaza.

Aljazeera reporting on the situation: Interviews one of the families who spent the last fortnight or so huddled inside their living room, whilst gun shots and other explosions were going off all around them. One witness reported that bodies of the dead and injured littered the streets, where medical staff found it too dangerous to venture into.

CNN reporting on the situation: shows a picture of the New York mayor, visiting a small boy who was injured in the blast at a hospital with his teddy tucked at his side, with this mother lovingly looking over him. No visible signs of injury are to be seen.

Aljazeera reporting on the situation: streams a video of injured Palestinians being rushed into a hospital that was already bursting at its seams. The video shows people and small kids lying on the hospital grounds, with IVs hung from curtains and any other props that could be found. Reporters claim that doctors are saying that their medical supplies are running thin and there was no way that they could get fresh supplies before a ceasefire. No loving mothers and wives to be found at the scene because everything is in chaos with people running around trying to get help for the injured as fast as possible under the circumstances.

CNN reporting on the situation: 4 Isreali SOLDIERS killed in the clashes.

Aljazeera reporting on the situation: 400+ CIVILIANS dead in the clashes, 2000+ injured.

Whether for political, religious or any other reason, what Isreal is doing is WRONG. It is just as easy to label the Israelis as a terrorist group as the West can label the Muslim populace as terrorists. It is heart wrenching to see these acts of genocide being committed, whilst the those who hold all the power seem to give them encouraging slaps behind their backs for the heinous crimes Palestinians are being subjected to.

I guess once Israel has quenched their thirst for the blood spill of Palestinians, they will retreat. And then we will begin to see the United States of America and other nations who are allies of Israel in this war, pet Israel’s back and congratulate them on time well spent fighting the “holy” war on “terror”. We will see the United Nations who piss in their pants whenever US and their allies vote on a situation commend the efforts of Israel to once again bring “peace” over the region!

2 thoughts on “CNN vs. Aljazeera on the War in Gaza

  1. Jews control almost all the media and entertainment establishments in America.

    And although smaller in number than blacks, Muslims and even atheists in America, the Jewish are the most powerful political lobby group in the US.

    So why are we surprised because CNN is inherently biased.

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