Blogging Rocks!! :)

Blogging and reading blogs have become a sort of an addictive habit. Its hard to get through a day without getting a dosage of blogging and reading various blogs that I come across on mvblogosphere. It is one of the perks of the day to get a dose of the blogging community’s perspective on different day-to-day stuff. A blog post about a really small issue can turn out to be really interesting based on the comments exchanged back and forth amongst the blog readers and the owner.

Through the short period of time that I’ve been blogging I’ve found that:
1- I like it when theres a bit of humour injected into ones blog posts.
2- I like the different templates and designs that bloggers tend to have. Each tidbit adds to their individuality and gives an insight into their personality.
3- I lurrrve it when blog owners reply to the comments left by readers. It tends to establish a sense of *closeness* amongst bloggers via an anonymous mode ;)
4- I like the fact that I can rant and rave @ the *fates* and get away with it :P
5- Though I understand why blog owners tend to moderate their comments on their blogs, it does take *diminish* the joy of commenting on blogs.

Though there are numerous lil things that add to how fun blogging can be, the best thing about it all is that you *meet* a new blogger *buddy* every fine day! :D