Aaaaah Young Love!

Aint it just precious..

The first sight of the beloved to be..
The regards/msnIDs exchanged thru friends..
The first phone call which leaves both breathless and in anticipation for more..
The first meeting..
The first magical kiss..
The hand holding..
The long looks exchanged between the two when they would rather be alone..
The long endless conversations that never seem to bore them..
The make out sessions that never cease to amaze them..
The childlike optimism that keeps them hoping their parents would approve..
The cute smses sent back and forth..
A tear or two that is shed when a “sneak-out-and-meet-the-lover” session has been prevented by the authoritative parent..
The rebellious desire that grows inside when they are prevented from seeing each other..
The endless days and nights wishing and yearning it could be otherwise..
The eventual heartbreak each undergo when things break off..

And the beginning of the cycle all over once again..

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