Things I’m Hung Up On at the Moment

  •  Breaking Benjamin’s album Phobia, especially the track Breathe. Its awesome.
  • One Tree Hill Season 3. I just want to smash my fist into Dan Scott’s face. Like a hundred and fifty times or so.
  • Blogging: this stuff is like an addiction where you just can’t seem to get enough.
  • Julie Garwood’s Murder List: though it doesn’t compare to Mercy my favorite book of all time by the author, there is a Buchanan in it; So YAY!!
  • Downloading Grey’s Anatomy Season 1; can’t wait to watch it.
  • Angra’s Bleeding Heart: that song has cool lyrics and a nice rhythm to it, if you are into a bit rockish and gloomish and moodish music. Haha!

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