Fear of rejection, pain and humiliation..
Fear of incompetence, failure and mortification..
Fear of letting go of the comfort zone that surrounds me..
Fear of venturing too far into the unknown..
consumes my thoughts day and night..
From which I receive no respite..
headlong I do try to face them…
unsuccessful though I may be..
but I gotta keep trying..
to sprout wings and fly..
beyond the foreseeable horizons..
to welcome the unknown..
With arms open wide.

Things I’m Hung Up On at the Moment

  •  Breaking Benjamin’s album Phobia, especially the track Breathe. Its awesome.
  • One Tree Hill Season 3. I just want to smash my fist into Dan Scott’s face. Like a hundred and fifty times or so.
  • Blogging: this stuff is like an addiction where you just can’t seem to get enough.
  • Julie Garwood’s Murder List: though it doesn’t compare to Mercy my favorite book of all time by the author, there is a Buchanan in it; So YAY!!
  • Downloading Grey’s Anatomy Season 1; can’t wait to watch it.
  • Angra’s Bleeding Heart: that song has cool lyrics and a nice rhythm to it, if you are into a bit rockish and gloomish and moodish music. Haha!