No Weddings and a Funeral

Just came back from the funeral of a paternal grandfather of one of my oldest and dearest friends. They do tend to make you think about how short life is and how you never really acknowledge and appreciate what you have with you until its too late.

All these thoughts went racing through my mind as I watched different displays of emotion on the faces of relatives, friends and well-wishers who had gathered to say their last goodbyes to my friend’s grandpa. Sadly to say I have never even met him prior to this because he wasn’t living with my friend’s family so I never had the opportunity of meeting him.

Sadly for my friend’s family, its the third funeral that they have had for someone close to their family line. Her maternal grandfather had passed away only like two months or so ago, which was followed by the death of one of her uncles and then exactly 40 days later the death of her paternal grandfather.

I pray to Allah that their souls rest in peace and that He may bestow upon them His Mercy which is the greatest favor that He has granted upon us mankind.

So everyone out there, enjoy and appreciate what Almighty Allah has given and bestowed upon you before its too late. We are always so busy seeking for greater goods and greater pleasure on earth and we always tend to forget those who love us and whom we love. Spending some quality time with each and everyone you love would go a long way, since life is so short and you never know what is in store for you next.

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