Wake up Dr. Waheed!

It might have been a dream of yours

to one day rule this country
to see the overwhelming support Nasheed has, directed at you
to be the one to have that vision for betterment of this country
to one day bring democratic reforms to this country

But now its time to face the inevitable truth
To wake up and realize that the majority of Maldivians

would never support you
would never rally behind you
would never direct their smiling faces towards you
would never think of you as the kind of leader they would all look up to
would never associate you as an advocator of democracy
would only think of you as the one who fell for the tricks of the old order

Shake off that delusion and look around to see that

the members of your so called unity government are mocking you behind your back
they can’t wait to discredit you the way they did for President Nasheed
they can’t wait to topple your so called unity government and take the reins
they can’t wait to see you fail and slink off to some foreign land

Rub off the tendrils of your dream to stand up

for your country
for the people who are crying out against this atrocity
for those who want an independent enquiry
for those who want an election
for those who want a clean and efficient judiciary
for those who are kind enough to want you to save yourself

Hear the people’s voice and make up your mind

before the blood suckers leech you dry
before all this reaches its inevitable conclusion
before it becomes too late for you to turn back and do the right thing.

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