Independent Enquiry, Elections & a CLEAN Judiciary Please!

So, I woke up today to the uproarious headlines on Sun newspaper that reports on a DJ which was held at Dharubaaruge which was  interrupted by the Maldives Police Service (maybe they should tweet about it once they are done). Of course this would be an activity sponsored and participated in by none other than the anti-Islamic elements in the society which somehow ONLY belong within the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), now wouldn’t it? As usual, people on Facebook who believe in the December 23rd Alliance were up and about, “screaming” their outrage on the top of their lungs, trying to get the attention they deserve, to try and drive home the point that they were right all along.

Being the sarcastic person that I am of course, I couldn’t help but voice my thoughts on the matter. It is not the first time in the Maldives that an event of this nature (a DJ) has taken place. Nor will it be the last unless of course the December 23rd Alliance comes into power and the Taliban law overrides the constitution of the country which I pray doesn’t happen. I still remember when I was in my teens, just how much of an effort most of my friends put into, to deceive their parents and go mingle in parties that would allow them to mix with the opposite sex and to dance the night away in the arms of the boy that they were currently crushing on. That was in the early 90’s, and I know the situation must have doubled ten times over by now.

We the Maldivians have been burying our heads in the sand for quite sometime, ignoring the rising elements within our society that have their own ideas when it comes to their beliefs or non-beliefs towards Islam. The generation that now makes up the youth of this society never had the opportunity to receive proper Islamic teachings during their Secondary and High School education which makes up for the most important time period during which a student needs to receive the right information in order to come to the right conclusion. I still remember the days when I was in Grade 10 in Aminiya School and the Islam teacher who is now an active member of the People’s Alliance party (PA) used to talk about the concepts of Tawheed on the basis that we never talk about it outside of the school. Ordering teachers not to talk about certain elements of the religion was how President Maumoon wanted students to receive information about Islam which today is the tool that is being used by the same bunch of cronies to divide us further.

Ever since the incidents that took place on February 7, 2012, something inside of me just refuses to back down. I have received well-meaning “messages” from friends who thinks I am going in the wrong direction, and I know that I am not very popular amongst most of my friends for expressing my belief that people SHOULD get the right to vote, the right to democracy and the right to a judiciary that is able, capable and not riddled with the elements of corruption.

It is indeed a lonely road that a man takes when he/she stands firm in something they believe in and I find at the moment that my true friends are few and far in between. I have taken to hanging out on Twitter, exchanging ideas with likeminded people of the belief that yes, what took place on February 7th was unconstitutional, and yes, we the people should get the right to choose our leader through ballots and not the force of bullets. And verdicts passed out by the Kangaroo Courts of the Maldives since then certainly drove home the point of the inept judiciary operating within this country.

So my criticism goes out to those who rally behind the “holy” December 23rd Alliance (which I have to add is backed and funded by the most corrupt and affluent businessmen of this country) who are so darn sure of the probability of beating Nasheed in an election that would test and prove to the Maldivians that the majority of the people are behind them and want what they are calling out for! If through a free and fair election they manage to do that, I of course would accept it without question.

I cannot fathom the reason as to what is keeping them from going on to prove their claims and back it up with solid proof of their popularity. Some of my theories on the matter includes their  inflated COMBINED ego perhaps? Or the simple fact that there might not be as many supporters behind them as they might think? Or the sheer number of people that rally behind President Nasheed, even when the rest of the political parties and ideologies in the country with the blessing of the “religious” scholars try to prove the ineptness of the ousted President? Or the fact that Maldivians are not as “dumb” as they might think, and that we ARE able to form our own opinions based on the facts presented to us from the various news papers & channels with the Gossip channels included?

In my opinion the fact that they are so reluctant to hold elections just goes to show how fickle a lot they really are. Hiding behind and promoting the slogan of “peace and togetherness in the country” when it was they themselves who in the first place created this insurmountable divide between Maldivians. Kudos to a job well done. Pat yourselves on the back because you truly have got what you wanted out of this mess in which we the citizens have to fight every inch of the way to drive home the point that “WE WANT ELECTIONS”. And if that makes us anti-Islamic, if that makes us the ones who are deaf, dumb & blind, so be it!

I for one will continue to stand by my decision of wanting an independent enquiry, of wanting free and fair elections and wanting a CLEAN judiciary to serve our needs for all time to time.