We voted for you in good faith
Hoping for a change that would impact our lives in a good way
Understanding the fact that the road ahead would be, not an easy one
Knowing that there would be many a hurdles to cross
And of course the corrupt disciples of the 30 year regime to deal with
We rejoiced when the movement for change finally won
Trusting you to turn our country around, no matter how difficult a job it may be
At first, the power hungry souls remained silent
Waiting and watching for signs
Readying to move in for the kill
At times the allegations border on the line of ridicule
And one year on
The voice of the opposition seems to grow stronger
While your voice seems to move,
further & further away..
Leaving us barely clutching at straws
To justify to ourselves, why we voted for this change
Many a time we wish
That your actions spoke louder than words
And let awareness be created amongst the citizens
Unless giving armor to the opposition
is the life of good governance,
Because its high time dear
That you learn,
Silence is not always golden!

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