The inefficient queueing system at ADK Hospital

Early yesterday evening, I developed flu symptoms of some never-ending viral bug that’s been going around Male’. Since I am asthmatic, I’m always careful about seeing a doctor and getting prescribed medication before I develop wheezing symptoms.

So last night there I went with an aching head and a throat that was hurting like hell. I took the queue number for consultation. Mind you, that this is the token to get a token number to see the doctor. I had previously telephoned the hospital and found out that tokens for the doctor were still available. I sat down on one of those leathery cushiony chairs and waited out since there were around 10 or so token numbers ahead of me. I sat around for forty minutes (which ain’t easy when you are sick and want medical attention and just go home and lie on your bed) to find out when my turn came up that the tokens to be released for the doctor were over. Now lets do the math, 10 token numbers in forty minutes. There are five to six stations with token queue number displayed on top of them. Out of those clerks/receptionists were seated at four of the stations and work was been carried out at only three of them. So 40/10, it took around 4 minutes to process a token, which is quite unacceptable. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but deemed as a private hospital which “cares about you when you need it most”, I don’t think that they are living up to their proclaimed image if a person has to wait for a token number for forty minutes. That’s worse than the bank queuing system. At least there, you won’t be about to fall at your feet because your body was undergoing a rapid defensive reaction. Nor do they charge you gruesome amounts of money for services rendered.

It was the same story this morning when i again trudged on my way to see the doctor. However, the difference this time was, I did get to see him after around 40 minutes at the token system and a couple of twenty minutes or so to actually consult with him.

I have seen them in action without the token system, and I would have to say that ADK was more efficient without it. Then we didn’t have to stay around for the receptionists/clerks to press their dainty little fingers on the “next” button to display the token number to be serviced.

I guess the millions of Rufiya that Nashid and his enterprise rake in every day doesn’t really allow them to build a more efficient environment for patients. Oh and before I forget, wasn’t he the one who criticized teachers for being “money-hungry” since they went on a strike to fight for their rights to be paid better salaries? Or maybe I might be more racked with fever than I thought to see myself paying a hefty sum of money to see a doctor at his hospital?

Oh maybe, Nashid isn’t a “money hungry politician”, but rather a “humble man” and a “philanthropist”, giving “free” or “affordable” and “quality” medical care for those who need it the most. Blech!