Bitchin’ has become a way of life for us Maldivians. We bitch about stuff from next to nothing. For instance the fact that we have to get up every morning to go to work/school or wherever one has to be, the fact that your boss is just a bitch when it comes to dealing with you or the fact that the tea/food served at some restaurant wasnt up to your liking can get one to start bitchin’. And we women have one extra god-given reason to be bitchy as much as we like and that would be PMS my friends.

Anyway, what started me on this was, I have been cooped up inside a meeting room with 8 or so colleagues from my work place for the past 2-3 weeks from morning till evening finalizing some work stuff, and I realised just how much we really bitch about stuff..

Dont get me started on our bosses (if i may say so).. they just tend to make me grind my teeth and like joey in Friends says, you just wanna rip your arm off so that you would have something to throw at em’. And then starts the political grumbling and whining and that gives me a headache literally.

Workmate 1: Why did the government have to change the working hours from 8-4? (the fact that we had been working from 7:30 to 4:30 prior to that didnt even matter)..

Workmate 2: Its all political. You know conspiracy and shit. It must be most prolly cause Anni cant make it to work if he has to report to work at 7:30.

Me (silently talking to myself): Hello!!! He doesnt even have to report to work at anytime.. Hasnt anyone ever heard of the “rules” that allow the “responsible” folk in the office to come and go as they want???

Workmate 1: This is ridiculous giving lunch break at 12. (prior to that we had been taking lunch breaks between 12 and 2 for one hour).

Workmate 2: How do we eat?? We cant all go home and come back.

Me: Hasnt anyone heard that people in other countries too work from 9-5? And their homes arent within a 10 minute walking radius? And that they still manage to finish work without grumbling? And what do you expect? With a pay hike to work even lesser hours than before. aaargh!

Workmate 3: i dont get hungry even by that time (grumbles some more and we all turn back to work)..

some 2-3 days later, after receiving the news of foreign investers signing up MOUs to open up their business and hospitals in Maldives.

Workmate1: Its ridiculous. Why is he so hell-bent on opening that many hospitals? Whose gonna go there to get medical attention? We dont have that many people here in Maldives.

Me: Goodness me.. It jst amazes me how these people think. Hello! Dont we always talk about the lack of receiving adequate medical attention and care here in the Maldives. What more do these people want? To go back to the 1920’s or something.. Darn!

So you see why i am bitchin’ about them here in my blog. It just frazzles my nerves every friggin’ time they start condemning something without even really bothering to make any sense when they open their mouths. Anyways, it has been a “fun” filled three weeks.. Am gonna miss the bitchin’ (or NOT) when our meetings would be over tomorrow. So until then.. the bitchin’ continues!