Can’t put my finger on it!

What’s it about returning to work after a long weekend that has everyone groaning and moaning about it? With last Thursday combined with our usual weekend was a three day weekend which all working folks looked forward to, one of the main reasons being that 2010 is just the pits when it comes to public holidays.

So here we are, at the end of the glorious three day weekend and the groaning and moaning has started in unison on Facebook. I for one am dreading the return as well. I just can’t put my finger on exactly why it is I am dreading it. One could just say that Maldivians are plain lazy when it comes to work and be done with it, but I think there are much more deeper reasons for that reluctance to return to work after spending a couple of days at home.

Unlike when one takes their annual leave, when a holiday such as this one comes up, everyone has time off from work and thus the fun factor of such a vacation time short as it maybe is multiplied. Thus it so happens that most of the time employees can’t wait to return to work after an annual leave, some people out of boredom and the rest just cause they start feeling restless with pointless nothings to do in life. But this is so not the case after time off from work where your loved ones too get to put their feet down and have fun at home. Thus, I think this is one of the contributing factors towards why we feel such a reluctance to return to work after a long weekend such as this one.

Other reasons include of course the factor of not having any job satisfaction. I agree that most Maldivians they don’t really have a clue as to why they find themselves in a particular career path. Most of the time except for doctors and teachers and engineers, the choice is made for them when they first apply for a job right after their O’levels or A’level exams. And the lucky few who have good enough results to snare a scholarship, go off on one that is under the training requirement of the office, regardless of whether that maybe the most suitable career for the person. So down the road, most of us find ourselves in careers not of our choosing but rather a career we were “forced” into because most of us want that degree or masters in our names regardless of whether or not it is to be the best thing for us.

Thus with no satisfaction from a career which one has no interest in combined with the time off from work where everyone gets spend sometime doing what they like best a.k.a relaxing with loved ones, I guess its no surprise that most of us are dreading the return to work tomorrow.

Anyhow, lets hope the feeling passes by soon and we become career-driven and opportunistic bitches and bastards by the start of the work week!

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